Some Old Mohawk History

It is not clear how the classes of the early forties held reunions. Research indicates the class of 1943 net last in 1993 for an Al & Alma boat ride. The classes of 1944 through 1946 met annually for a number of years at Lord Fletchers. This ended when the organizers Paul and Marlys Lindholm died in 2014. The classes of 1947 and 1948 also met annually, but in 2015 they joined the multi-class event. The same is true of the 1949 group, joining the multi-class reunion in 2015.

Sometime in the mid-eighties Bill Guntle, class of 51, started a get-together of mostly Island Park guys. They met monthly for breakfast originally at the Copperstein and later Harts Café in Wayzata. The group soon blossomed into any old Mohawk and was called ROMEO (old retired Mohawks eating out). It included a yearly event in a typical reunion fashion. Living in Florida and declining health limited Bill's participation. Marilyn Anderson Haering and Barbara Brakke Andersen managed to continue the anual event during some of first decade. That was followed by Buzz Luse and Ed Scislow effort of keeping the yearly reunion alive until about 2011. Many of these yearly events were a lunch at a Chinese Restaurant in Chaska. About 2011 the yearly event died out but the monthly breakfasts continued. In 2013 an effort was launched by the classes of 52 and 53 as an experiment combining with adjacent classes. This proved to be a good experience, enough so that the following year more years were included, mainly schoolmates associated with ROMEO group. In 2015 the classes from the forties and early fifties were include. 150 schoolmates attended the 2015 reunion at Burl Oaks Golf Club. Because of the number of folks attending was more than Burl Oaks could handle a move was made in 2016 to the more spacious Lafayette Club.

A recap of the 2017 reunion is shown on the home page.

The monthly get together still meets for breakfast the last Saturday of each month. They meet at the Legion Club in Wayzata about eight AM. All are welcomed to join.

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2017 Mohawk Reunion Recap

The 2017 reunion was held at the Lafayette Club. Total guest count was 136. The Lafayette Club is a spacious, beautiful place overlooking our dear lake. When guests arrived they gathered in a room to mill about and chat with schoolmates. After ample time to meet and chat with schoolmates guests were seated in a spacious dinning hall. There schoolmates continued their conversation while enjoying either chicken or walleye.

The narrator for the event was Clarence Splettstoeszer. Clarence began by acknowledging those who worked to organize this event. recongized were; Virginia (Holly) Case Volkenant (43), Bill Hagg (46), Yvonne Arnold Russ (47), Grace Bothmann Gilmer (48), Marlene Courtney esler (50), Millie Krueger Benjamin (51), Vern Brandenburg, Douglas Dion, John Malakowsky (52), Himself, Mark Case, Anne Williamson Dorweiler (53), Donna Spaulding Jones (54), Doug Trask (55), Charlie Coffee, Karen Lange Koch (56). Harold (Smokey) Peterson (45) passed away in April.

Clarence introduced Vern Brandenburg and Vern updated the attendees about the MCHS 2018 100 year anniversary.

The Mound Historical Society donated prizes of books and a Lake Minnetonka jigsaw puzzle for a raffle. Karen Lange Koch (56) drew the names of Marvin Johnson, Glenn Smith and JoAnne Caron Fitch, strangely all from the class of 1953.

Clarence introduced Richard Iacono (47). Richard sung a beautiful tribute to those who passed from his class this past year. Clarence then said grace.

As the reunion winded down each class gathered for a class photo taken by Lois Dion. The class photos are enclosed in the Fall mailing and can be viewed to the left by clicking a year.

The reunion was attended by schoolmates from classes 1940 through 1956. Earl Taylor, class of 40, was the oldest schoolmate in attendance. This year the class of 1956 joined. The plan is to add classes at their 61st high school reunion year. Perhaps the class of 1957 will join the event in 2018.